Buddhist Meditation Society
Joondalup - Perth - Western Australia
ĀJĪVA: Livelihood.

AKUSALA: Unwholesome.
AKUSALA-VITAKKA: Unwholesome Thoughts.
Ah-lawbha) Greedlessness.
ĀNĀPĀNA-SATI: Mindfulness on breathing In and breathing Out.
ANATTĀ: Not Self.
ANICCA: Impermanent.
ARIYA-PUGGALA: Noble persons.
ATTĀ: Self, Ego Personality.
AVIJJĀ: Ignorance.
BHAVA: Becoming, Process of existence.
BHĀVANĀ: Mental development.
Bawjhanga) The Seven Factors of Enlightenment.
Chuckka) Wheel.
Chaytna) Volition, Will.
CETASIKA: Mental Things, Mental Factors.
CHANDA: Desire, Intention.
CITTA: Mind, Consciousness.
CITTA-KKHANA: Consciousness moment.
CITTĀNUPASSANĀ: Contemplation of Consciousness.
CITTA-VIPALLĀSA: Perversion of mind.
CITTA-VISSUDDHA: Purification of Mind.
DANA: Almsgivibg, charity, offering.
DEVA: Heavenly beings, deities, celestials.
DHAMMA: Nature of things, truth, doctrine, justice, righteousness, phenomenon, law of nature.
DHAMMA-CAKKA: The Wheel of the Law. Refers to the Wheel of Dhamma which was established by the
Buddha set rolling after the first sermon in the Deer Park at Isipatana near Veranasi (now Banares) i.e 4 Noble
DHAMMĀNUPASSANĀ: Contemplation of the Mind-Objects (The 4th Foundations of Mindfulness).
DHAMMĀNUSSATI: Recollection of the Law.
DHĀTU: Elements.
DITTHI: View, Belief, Speculative Opinion.
DOMANASSA: Sadness, Grief, Painful Feelings.
Dawsa) Anger, Ill-will, Evil Intention, Wickedness, Malice.
Doke kha) Suffering, Painful Feeling (in body or mind). Suffering is the 1st Noble Truth and the
second characteristic of the nature of existence.
DUKKHATĀ: The state of suffering.
Gawtrabhu) The Matured. One who has entered the lineage of the Noble Ones.
GOTRABHŪ-NANA: Maturity of Knowledge.
HETU: Cause, Conditons, Reason.
He re Awtappa) Moral Shame and Moral Fear.
E De) Power, Magical Power.
IDDHI- PADA: Roads to Power or Success.
INDRIYA: Faculties (Physical & Mental).
ISSĀ: Envy (Comes from hate-rooted consciousness).
JARĀ: Old Age, Decay.
JĀTI: Birth, Birth Place.