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    In Buddha's time, there were no recording mechanisms and the Teachings of The Budddha were
    passed on from one generation to another through oral transmissions. Immediately after the passing
    away of the Buddha, the Elder Senor Monks called Thera or Arahants (Enlightened Ones) gathered
    together and recited all the teachings of the Buddha in order to preserve them intact for the coming
    generations. This tradition is later known as the Theravada Tradition, as it was originated from the
    Thera - elder senior monks or Arahants -  which is the oldest known recordings of the original
    Teachings of the Buddha.

    We recite these Pali chantings in devotion to the Lord Buddha and with deep respect and gratitude
    to the Theras for their enormous efforts to preserve the Buddha's teachings for all future
    generations. We also pay homage to the Lord Buddha for his profound teachings by chanting the
    Suttas - His Teachings.  We encourage everyone to learn how to chant these Suttas in Pali to show
    our deep gratitude and to keep the Pali language alive.
Buddha's Words On Loving Kindness in Pali
Karaniya Metta Sutta In English
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