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Amongst The Hateful Be
Without Hate!
Happily do we live
without hate amongst the hateful;
amidst hateful people
we dwell unhating.

Susukham vata jivama
verinesu averino
Verinesu manussesu
viharama averino.

Dhammapada 197

    Impermanent Nature Of Things!
    "Impermanent are all conditioned things
    Their nature it is to rise and pass away
    When they have risen, then again they cease.
    Happiness lies in the tranquillising of them."

         ~ S.I: 158 (Samyutta Nikaya) ~

    Fleeting Nature Of Life!
    pleasure and pain
    These are but one thought moment
    Thus, suddenly it passes away.

    VIS: 48 (Visuddhi Magga)

    Victory Breeds Hatred!
    Victory breeds hatred.
    The defeated live in pain.
    Happily the peaceful live,
    Giving up victory and defeat.

    Jayam Veram pasavati
    Dukkham seti parajito
    Upasanto sukkham seti
    Hitva jayaparajayam

    Dhammapada 201

    To Purify One's Mind!
    Not to do any evil
    To cultivate good
    To purify one's mind
    This is the teachings of all the Buddhas.

    Sabbapapassa akaranam
    kusalasa upasampada
    etam buddhana sasanam.
    ~ dh 183 (The Dhammapada)

    Unshaken Amidst Praises and Blames!
    Just as a solid massive rock
    Remains unshaken by the wind,
    So too, in face of blame and praise
    The wise remains immovable.
    ~ dh 81 (The Dhammapada)

    Do not do evil deed!
    An evil deed is better not done;
    a misdeed torments one hereafter.
    Better it is to do a good deed,
    after doing which one does not grieve.
    DH:314 (The Dhammapada)

    The Right Mental Attitude!
    Be like a lion, that trembles not at sounds.
    Be like the wind that does not cling to the meshes of
    a net.
    Be like a lotus that is not contaminated by the mud
    from which it springs up............
    SN:71 (Sutta-nipata)

    Tolerate Abuse!
    When he was abused:
    'Just as an elephant in the battle-field,
    endures the arrows that are shot at him,
    So will I endure that abuse and unfriendly
    expressions of others.'
    Dh: 320 (The Dhammapada)

    Cordial In All Ways!
    Let one be cordial in one's ways
    and refined in conduct;
    filled thereby with joy,
    one will make an end of ill.
    Dh 376 (The Dhammapada)

    Avoid Evil Deeds to Avoid Suffering!
    One who does not want to suffer,
    Should do no evil deeds;
    Openly or in secret.
    Do evil now, and then later
    Try though one may to flee it,
    Yet surely one will suffer.
    Ud.V: 4; Ud: 51 (Udana)

    Happiness Of Having Wealth!
    A householder has wealth justly and lawfully won,
    and with it he does many good deeds and
    experiences worldly pleasure in a respectable way.
    When he thinks of this
    he gains happiness and satisfaction.
    A.II: 68 (Anguttara Nikaya)

    Avoid Selfish Friends!
    A friend who always wants to take.
    A friend who says but doesn't do.
    A friend who uses flattering words.
    A friend who joins you in the wrong.
    These four friends are really foes
    And one who is wise, having understood this
    will avoid them from afar
    as if they were a dangerous road.
    ~ dh 248 (The Dhammapada)

    Be Pure In Speech!
    One should guard against misdeeds caused by
    And one should be restrained in speech,
    Giving up evil conduct in speech(Lying, Harsh
    Speech, Malicious Gossips and Meaningless Speech),
    One should be of good conduct in speech.
    ~ dh 232 (The Dhammapada)

    Be Pure In Deed!
    One should guard against misdeeds
    caused by the body (Killing, Stealing & Sexual
    Misconducts), and one should be restrained in body.
    Giving up evil conduct in body,
    one should be of good bodily conduct.
    ~ dh 231 (The Dhammapada)

    Like A Bubble Is This World!
    Just as one would look upon a bubble,
    Just as one would look upon a mirage
    if a person thus looks upon the world,
    the King of Death sees him not.
    ~ dh 170 (The Dhammapada)

    Not To Associate With The Fools!
    Truly, he who moves in company with fools
    grieves for a long time.
    Association with the foolish is ever painful as with a
    Happy is association with the wise,
    even like meeting with kinsfolk.
    dh: 207 (The Dhammapada)

    Ten Wholesome Actions!
    The Three Bobily Actions:
    1. Comapssion
    2. Generosity
    3. Self-control

    The Four Verbal Actions:
    4. Truthful Speech
    5. Kind Speech
    6. Pleasant Speech
    7. Meaningful Speech

    The Three Mental actions:
     8. Sympathetic Joy
     9. Loving-Kindness
    10. Right View
    M: 12 (Majjhima Nikaya)

    Three Kinds Of Evil Actions Caused By Body!
    Stealing and
    Sexual Misconduct"
    M: 12 (Majjhima Nikaya)

    Four Kinds Of Evil Actions Caused By Speech!
    Harsh speech and
    M: 12 (Majjhima Nikaya)

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    Unshaken Amidst Praises and Blames!
    Just as a solid massive rock
    Remains unshaken by the wind,
    So too, in face of blame and praise
    The wise remains immovable.
    ~ dh 81 (The Dhammapada)

    Hatreds Never Cease Through Hatreds!
    Hatred never cease through hatred in this world;
    Through love alone they cease.
    This is an eternal law.
    ~ dh 5 (The Dhammapada)

    Overcome Anger By Love!
    Conquer anger by love.
    Conquer evil by good.
    Conquer the stingy by generosity.
    Conquer the liar by truth.
    ~ dh 223 (The Dhammapada)

    None Is Wholly Blamed Or Praised!
    There never was,
    there never will be,
    nor does there exist now,
    a person who is wholly blamed or wholly praised.
    ~ dh 228 (The Dhammapada)

    Speak Not Harshly!
    Speak not harshly to anyone.
    Those thus addressed will retort.
    Painful, indeed, is vindictive speech.
    Blows in exchange may bruise you.
    ~ Dh: 133 (The Dhammapada) ~

    Living a Noble Life!
    Not insulting, not harming,
    restraint according to the fundamental Moral Code
    moderation in food, quiet life,
    intent on higher thoughts,
    this is the Teaching of the Buddhas.
    ~ Dh: 185 (The Dhammapada) ~

    Not Hatred For Hatred!
    He who wishes his own happiness
    by causing pain to others
    is not released from hatred,
    being himself entangled in the tangles of hatred.
    ~ Dh: 291 (The Dhammapada) ~

    There Is No River Like Craving!
    There is no fire like lust,
    No grip like hate,
    No net like delusion, and
    No river like craving.
    Dh 251 (The Dhammapada)

    Health is Paramount!
    Health is the highest gain.
    Contentment is the greatest wealth.
    The trusty are the best kinsmen.
    Nibbana* is the highest bliss.
    Dh 204 (The Dhammapada)

    A Single Day of Virtuous Life!
    Though one should live a hundred years,
    immoral and uncontrolled,
    yet better, indeed, is a single day's life of
    one who is moral and meditative.
    Dh 110 (The Dhammapada)

    Guard Your Thoughts!
    The mind is very hard to perceive,
    Extremely subtle, flits wherever it listeth.
    Let the wise person guard it;
    A guarded mind is conducive to happiness.
    Dh 36 (The Dhammapada)

    Wise Is He Who Acknowledges His Foolishness!
    The fool who knows that he is a fool
    is for that reason a wise man;
    the fool who thinks that he is wise
    is called a fool indeed.

    Yo bālo maññati bālyaṁ
    paṇdito vā pi tena so
    Bālo ca paṇditamānī
    sa ve bālo ti vuccati
    Dh 63 (The Dhammapada)

    Evil Doer Digs His Own Grave!
    Whoso in this world destroys life.
    tells lies, takes what is not given,
    goes to others' wives, and is addicted to intoxicating
    drinks & drugs,
    such a one digs up his own grave in this world .
    ~ dh 248 (The Dhammapada)

    Easy To See Are Others’ Faults!
    Easily seen are others’ faults,
    Hard indeed to see are one’s own.
    like chaff one winnows another’s faults, but hides
    ones’ own,
    even as a crafty fowl hides behind sham branches.
    ~ dh 252 (The Dhammapada)

    Grief Arises From Attachment!
    From attachment arises grief,
    from attachment arises fear;
    for those who are totally free from attachment there
    is no grief, much less fear.
    ~ dh 214 (The Dhammapada)

    Control Your Mind!
    The Mind is hard to check,
    swift, flits wherever it listeth:
    to control it is good.
    A controlled mind is conducive to happiness.
    ~ dh 35 (The Dhammapada)

    Self-Conquest Is The Best Of All Conquests!
    Though one conquer
    a million men in battlefield,
    yet he, indeed, is the noblest victor
    who has conquered himself.
    ~ dh 103 (The Dhammapada)

    Hatred Is The Blemish Of Mankind!
    Weeds are the bane of fields,
    hatred is the bane of mankind.
    Hence what is given to those rid of hatred yields
    abundant fruit.
    ~ dh 357 (The Dhammapada)

    Do Not Do Evil Again & Again!
    Should a person commit evil,
    he should not do it again and again;
    he should not find pleasure therein:
    painful is the accumulation of evil.
    dh: 117 (The Dhammapada)

    Evil Doer Grieves!
    The evil-doer grieves here,
    He also grieves hereafter.
    He grieves in both worlds,
    He grieves and perishes
    with his own impure deeds.
    Dh: 17 (Dhammapada)

    Purity & Impurity Depend On Oneself!
    By oneself indeed evil is done
    By oneself is one defiled.
    By oneself is evil avoided
    By oneself is indeed one purified.
    Purity and impurity depend on oneself
    No one purifies another.
    Dhammapada 165

    'All tremble at the rod,
    All fear death;
    Feeling for others as for oneself,
    One should neither kill nor cause to kill.'

    Sabbe tasanti dandassa
    Sabbe bhayanti maccuno
    Attanam upamam katva
    Na haneyya na ghataye.
     ~ The Dhammapada 129 ~